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Re:mind Wellness
Re:mind Wellness

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For every Re:fillery order we Plants trees!

When you make a purchase through our store (online or in person)  we will plant a tree globally with OneTreePlanted.org and we will plant a tree locally during our yearly tree planting event.

Trees Planted: 52

Our Mission

Our Mission:

To nurture wellness and personal growth through a collaborative approach to physical, mental and emotional support that empowers our community while making a positive impact to the environment.



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Re:mind Benefits

Featured Member


Melissa Pinnegar

The Benefits I feel of being in the Re:mind collective:

Connection. When life changes, the connections we have change too. And that is constant. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with this collective…in that it has provided me with an opportunity at connection that I felt like I lost. Because, that is life! I have ladies in my corner, I have ladies rooting for me, and I have ladies helping me dust off and propel me forward.

Being in a safe space. This one goes hand in hand with connection for me. I can safely show up as myself and be accepted as myself. I don’t have to dull myself down, or shine myself up…I just am who I am each day. And I can be welcomed as such each day.

Doing good. Making a difference in our own lives in our job. But so is making a difference in the lives of others. Extending your knowledge, wisdom, and experience to another heart…can be not only impactful but life changing for someone. 

Through this collective, I get to simply share what I’m feeling in my heart and hope that it makes something good happen in someone’s mind, heart, or body…or all three together!

Yoga with Melissa

Grab your mat and props and join Melissa through this Yin Yoga Practice.