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Hi, I'm Melissa

My Favourites:

Quote: Let go, and let love flow

Mindful Practice: Yoga

Activity: Being outdoors; hitting the hiking trails in the warmer months, and hitting the slopes in the snowy months.


It takes courage and bravery to land on a yoga mat. Being in stillness and silence is sometimes the most challenging thing that can be asked of ourselves. I lead a heart based yoga practice, in which I encourage students to get in touch with what's really present for them. Going on this exploration inward is not always easy stuff, but the payoff is so rich in our inner work and healing. Pair introspection with movement in your body + breath work, and we have an equation for something that is really powerful, magical of sorts, and in alignment with creating an inner world shift.

I really connected with yoga during my pregnancy in 2013 and in 2015 I graduated from a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Since then, I have specialized in yoga for pelvic health, and prenatal yoga.


I work one on one with women who live with struggles related to pelvic health, infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care.   

I am very passionate about working with expecting women and couples, and sharing wisdom on how imperative body awareness, movement, and breath work are during pregnancy. I co-created Empowered Childbirth Education, alongside Janice Taylor (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist), which is a class that is run quarterly throughout the year at Pink Umbrella, educating expecting couples on all things alternative/holistic in pregnancy and childbirth.  

My 6 year old daughter is the inspiration behind creating Growing Yogis. A business that offers yoga programs for children of all ages. Children's yoga day camps and other special events are offered at Pink Umbrella.  


On a personal level, yoga has contributed to me finding places within my self that required attention, compassion, and love for their to be growth in my life. It is right when I think I have figured one thing out, that another surprise unveils itself and says now it's time to work on me. I am so excited about this. I don't fear the work and I don't put any pressure on myself to get things figured out...because everything that lands on your path as a hurdle, has its own unique and beautiful way of aiding in the transformation of you becoming the highest version of yourself.  

In a nutshell, not every day is the best day. And yoga doesn't ask that of you. Yoga asks that you show up as you. No matter what. And those days when you're feeling blue, or alone in the world, or angry for what's happened in your life, this is the time to honour your every emotion and get really curious about yourself. 

We weren't taught as children or young adults how to show up in relationship with others. We also weren't taught how to show up in relationship with self. Yoga, will teach you these things. And I am here to help guide you in that process, should we ever meet in that space. And I intend that we do!  

Light and love, and nothing but honour to you, dear yogi.

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unWINed yoga

Empowered Childbirth

Empowered Childbirth

Every Friday at 7 pm 

Melissa guides you through an hour yoga class of sipping wine while posing.

But you can't leave until the wine is gone, waste not want not. 

Book this class with a group of 

4-6 yogis, $20/each.


Empowered Childbirth

Empowered Childbirth

Empowered Childbirth

Janice Taylor (Pelvic Health Physiotherapist) and Melissa Pinnegar (Prenatal Yoga Teacher) combine forces to empower and educate expecting mamas.

Upcoming 2020 Dates:

Saturday February 22

Sunday May 24

Sunday September 27


Mala Making

Empowered Childbirth

Mala Making

Book your Mala Making class with Melissa to create and set your own intention aid.

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